Our Mission… Tehama County children will be born healthy and thrive in safe, supportive, nurturing and loving environments; and will enter school cognitively prepared and be healthy, active, and socially appropriate learners.

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Talking-is-teachingTalk, Read, Sing Every Day!  Your child’s brain startsforming   before he’s even born. Children learn best when they do things with someone they love — like you! You have the power to shape your child’s learning by sharing everyday loving moments together. Babble back and forth. Read a story while cuddling. Sing a lullaby at bedtime. These activities can help your child learn language skills. Click on the Talking is Teaching picture for a fun activity guide for parents and children.  

talk read sing


ParentingEducationOpportunitiesSCHOOL READINESS:

Learning doesn’t begin when children start school, it begins at birth. By the time children turn three, they have already begun to lay the foundation for the skills and abilities that will help them succeed in school. Learn how you can support early learning in your children.

School Readiness promotes early learning with these activities:



The Hard Facts About Soft Skills by Professor James Heckman
Intelligence and social skills are developed at an early age — and both are essential for success. Early investment produces the greatest returns in human capital.



“Child Development” on Living Smart by Dr. Bruce Perry
When a child doesn’t get enough stimulation early in life,  the  brain may develop differently. “That changes all kinds of functions, including  the ability to form relationships.”

The Children’s Movement of California is connecting all of the people and organizations that want to see children’s health and education improved in our state and empowering them to make it happen together.



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