Commissioner Duties


 Job Summary: Under the California Children and Families Act of 1998, the ordinance established by Tehama County Board of Supervisors, and the bylaws established by First 5 Tehama. A Commissioner is expected to spend approximately 10 to 15 hours a month reviewing, meeting and representing First 5 Tehama in the community. The overriding strategic goals and objectives of First 5 Tehama that a Commissioner promotes are:

 • Improved Family Functioning: Strong Familiesbaby play
− Parents will receive support to increase their knowledge of child rearing, family relationships and community resources
• Improved Child Development: Children Learning and Ready for School
− Increase availability of programs that meet and maintain quality standards for child care, including special needs children, both in slots and available hours of operation
− Increase access to voluntary structured programs of quality early care and education that integrate cognitive, social and emotional development for all three and four year old children
• Improved Child Health: Healthy Families
− Increase health access to prevention and primary health care services for pregnant women and children birth through age 5
• Integrated Services: Improved Systems of Care for Families
− Families from all cultural backgrounds are easily able to access multiple services and resources through an integrated system
− Increase administrative capability and organizational sustainability

1. Policy, leadership, set & monitor overriding strategic objectives
2. Deliver the mission out to the public – communicate to and keep the community and agencies informed
3. Support, evaluate and direct the Executive Director

COMMISSIONERS: Valerie Lucero, Chairperson • Charlene Reid, Vice Chairperson • Larry Champion • Tony Cardenas • Beverly Grace •Dottie Renstrom • Dennis Garton • Sr. Pat Manoli • Dr. Melvin D. Sage
4. Follow and stay knowledgeable about State and legislative direction (advocate as appropriate)
5. Maintain regular meeting attendance as defined in the by laws
6. Keep communication lines open with the Board of Supervisors
7. Enter into contracts with community-based organizations
8. Promote program coordination in agencies and community based organizations through the integration of what my position/community role is with Commission work
9. Keep dual role of Commission member and management of First 5 Tehama funding and programs clear
10. Be proactive vs. reactive in setting direction
11. Share high levels of expertise and different experiences of Commission members

• Knowledge of early education and childcare issues;
• Sincere interest in supporting and advocating for pre-school age children and their families;
• Understanding of and commitment to the First 5 Tehama Strategic Plan
• Knowledge of local, community resources;
• Good networking skills and the ability to advocate for integration of community services and programs with a variety of community partners;
• Experience with monitoring substantial budgets;
• Experience with other non-profit boards and/or public agency advisory committees is desirable

• Resident of Tehama County (unless position is required);
• File a standard Conflict of Interest statement;
• Interest and support of children and families in Tehama County;
• Attend required Conflict of Interest Training every two years


Pursuant to Conflict of Interest Code, 2 Cal. Code Regs. 18730